Northern Lights Data

I decided to make my life easier and consolidate all the data needed to keep on top of Northern Lights activity on one page.

Also, to share that with everyone. So, enjoy! (or else)

Everything here should be automatically updating

Super quick overview of the chart below:

    • Bz: negative numbers – good, positive numbers – bad
    • Phi: closer to 360 – good, lower – bad
    • Density: Higher = Better
    • Speed: Higher = Better
    • Temp: Can’t really seem to find any good correlation for this – feel free to inform me

Keep in mind, not all factors have to come together at the same time to produce aurora; you can still get a good show even if one or two of the variables are lacking. From my experience, Phi seems to be one of the more important; when its up – more often than not – you are usually getting a sub-storm.

Three day Forecast

Forecast Discussion