Northern Lights

Felt the need to make a blog post about this. I have been wanting to hunt down the northern lights for several years now, and I finally had the opportunity tonight – although there was only a very slim chance, I still took it! First I headed to the northern most tip of Meaford, ON. only to find out it is an active weapons range for the armed forces (3.5 hr drive mind you), so had to settle with second most northern point of Meaford. Although the stars there were nice, there was no sign of lights at all and checking data online showed very weak activity. I took a few shots by the shore and then decided to head home. After about an hour of driving I decided I may as well check the activity again seeing as how I would be passing close to the shore, and it showed that activity had increased quite dramatically!!  I pulled over, set up the camera on “trilobite” beach in Craigleith Provincial park, and finally got the show I was looking for! :D   here are the pics: