Rocky Mountain & Northern Lights

Here we are on Earth Day, and it seemed fitting to make a post celebrating some of the wonders this Earth has to offer; specifically the Northern Lights, and the beautiful Rocky Mountains. For the past three months I have been trying (mostly in vain) to get some photos and a timelapse of the Northern Lights over the Rocky Mountains, but time after time they prove to be incredibly difficult to forecast. On April 13/14 everything finally came together  with the arrival of an expected CME and a fairly decent chance of finding a patch of clear skies over night about five hours away in Revelstoke, BC. Not wanting to take any chances this time, I decided to rent a snowmobile, take it up to the top of a mountain for a better vantage point, pitch a tent and spend the night. Although the CME impact was a lot weaker than expecting, thanks to a very dense solar wind  A beautiful display of the Northern Lights was still produced!

(click on the vimeo link in the video to watch it in HD)

Revelstoke BC Panoramic by Richard Gottardo (RichardGottardo)) on 500px.comRevelstoke Blue Hour by Richard Gottardo (RichardGottardo)) on 500px.comRevelstoke Morning  by Richard Gottardo (RichardGottardo)) on 500px.comSnow Mobile by Richard Gottardo (RichardGottardo)) on 500px.comMilky way, Shooting star, and Northern lights by Richard Gottardo (RichardGottardo)) on 500px.comNorthern LIghts by Richard Gottardo (RichardGottardo)) on 500px.comNorthern Lights & Milky Way by Richard Gottardo (RichardGottardo)) on

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