Over the last several years, my images have reached millions of people across the world through sharing across social media outlets, as well as traditional media outlets. I pride myself in going to whatever lengths possible to deliver images of situations most people would never get the opportunity to see due to either personal danger or physical limitations. Currently, not including news sources, my website is pulling in 500-2500 unique visitors per day, but when you factor in news and media coverage, that number grows to hundreds of thousands.

Toronto Lightning II

My next project will involve spending several weeks camping in the Canadian Prairies during storm season. The end result of this will include a time-lapse video documenting the raw beauty of the storms ending with up close footage of tornadoes. The twist here is, all of the storm chasing will be taking place in an eye-catching flat black porsche boxster modified with a roof rack and hail guard. This is where you come in.


I believe this will be an absolutely fantastic opportunity to open up my project to sponsorship and be able to align myself with people who are looking for creative ways to get their brand out there. Your name will be mentioned along with all media produced, your logo will be on the only Porsche ever to have chased storms, and your brand will be seen by millions of  people in association with stunning photos of Nature at it’s most extreme.


Previous projects included distribution across the globe. Newspapers, magazines, and websites in Canada, the United States, all across the UK, Asia, and Russia have published photos and written about how/when they were taken and for the next project, would included a message from the sponsor.  The previous timelapse has been viewed 14,000 times in the first two weeks on Vimeo alone. Adding up the views from websites who licensed the video would push the views to close to 100,000 – and still growing! Your name, and logo would be incorporated directly into the video to ensure distribution.

All money acquired through a sponsorship deal would go directly into funding projects that deliver stunning one of a kind images.


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