ISO 20,000

About a month ago now, I upgraded my camera to a 5d Mark III from the 5d Mark II. This was the first time I really decided to try and push the boundaries of it’s low light capabilities – taking a portrait at 20,000 ISO! This would have been absolutely impossible with the Mark II –  it maxed out at ISO 6400 and pushing it beyond that would result in splotchy noise that destroys picture quality completely,  but now with the 5d Mark III taking a portrait at  an incredible 20,000 ISO allows me to use a light source as dim as a few christmas lights! The quality of the grain is actually very pleasing (and very minimal considering it was 20 freaking thousand ISO) also, it looks a lot like natural film grain… so that’s nice.  I guess it’s worth noting that there was no noise reduction on this image.

Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark III Focal Length 50mm Shutter Speed 100sec Aperture f/1.4 ISO/Film 20000